2001 Remodel From a 2 Position Motorola Centracom II to a 3 Position Orbacom Console & Bramic Workstations.

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Communications Center 1977

Centracom II Console

Centracom II Position 1

Console Being Staged At Alpha-Wireless Spencer, IA

Orbacom CPP

Centracom II Being Dismanteled

Is It To Late To Stop This Project????

Alpha Wireless Technicians Remove The Last Of The Centracom II

Professional Electronics of Alta, IA Installing CAT5 Cables

Bramic Furniture Being Installed (Matt of Bramic)

Bramic Installing Position 1

Temporary Dispatch Position

Orbacom Console - Position 1

Orbacom Console, Emergitech 911, Bramic Furniture - Position 1

Orbacom Console - Position 2

Orbacom Console, Emergitech 911, Eventide Call Logger - Position 3

Special Visitor!!

Backup Radios/Encoder

Self Contained Radio/Encoder/Power Supply

Backup Radio/Encoder (closeup)

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